“You can get salvation in this very life! When the Giver is there, where is the pain in receiving?”

”Oh, man know thyself”, was always the awakening call of all conscious people in this world; there is no other way to recognize the Truth.

For this true longing is needed by all our efforts, otherwise we would only deceive ourselves and waste the precious time we have been given to solve the mystery of life and death now, as long as we here on earth.

If we do not yet have this longing in our heart, we should be wise and find ways and means to create it.

Kirpal Sagar is meant as a place where by the Grace of God – all these necessities are available for everyone longing for it. Like a school or university, it is open for all sincere and truthful people to find the way out of this illusionary drama of the world and to fulfil the purpose of human birth