Kirpal Sagar belongs to all human beings of the world

The project Kirpal Sagar has been set up since 1982 in the Punjab/North India under the organisation Unity of Man and the chairmanship of Dr Harbhajan Singh and his wife Mrs Surinder Kaur.

The name Kirpal Sagar means 'Ocean of grace'.

The concept of Kirpal Sagar is to be a common ground for all people to get together, irrespective of caste, colour, creed, religion or country. It belongs to all human beings of the world.

The motto given by Sant Kirpal Singh is: Be good – do good – be one.

Kirpal Sagar is a man-making and man-service centre.

The underlying conception of the project may be seen in connection with the ancient Indian tradition of non-violence, tolerance and spirituality. The management of the project is at present under the presidency of Mrs Surinder Kaur. Her fundamental concern isto make everybody feel at home and equally respected. She focuses much of her endeavors on developing charitable and social development actions.

The goals of the project Kirpal Sagar are:

– to help man to develop all around, physically, intellectually and spiritually
– to be a symbolic place by pointing out the underlying unity of all religions
– to provide help to the poor and needy
– to overcome class-spirit by giving an appropriate education with equal chances

Exceeding by far merely local humanitarian help, the project all in all serves as a model for a spiritual life with higher values, furthering the realization of the basic human rights. In cooperation with voluntary helpers from the West the idea of humanity in the one world is put into practice.

Kirpal Sagar was the wish of Sant Kirpal Singh which is being fulfilled by all those who have been touched by His vision.

Kirpal Sagar
Kirpal Sagar

Organisation: Unity of Man