The onset of the project

On his last tour in the Punjab on 24 October 1973, Sant Kirpal Singh, accompanied by Dr Harbhajan Singh, visited the grounds where Kirpal Sagar is located today.

In those days most of this area was barren land covered with shrubs and often flooded by the nearby Sutlej River. There Sant Kirpal Singh owned a little farm where the rice was just being harvested. That day Sant Kirpal Singh took some water from the water-pump, which still exists today, and tasted a grain of rice.

Pointing to the surrounding land Sant Kirpal Singh said to Dr Harbhajan Singh that at least 40 hectares of land would be needed, and a time would come when more than 800 kg of pulses would be required daily.

With the help of many volunteer helpers the land was cultivated and turned into fertile fields surrounding the whole project Kirpal Sagar with a green belt, and the words of Sant Kirpal Singh are being fulfilled. Today Kirpal Sagar comprises of about 80 hectares.

Dr Harbhajan Singh with Sant Kirpal Singh, October 1973