Mrs Surinder Kaur – President Kirpal Sagar

Dr Harbhajan Singh – Founder Chairman Kirpal Sagar

Dr Harbhajan Singh was commissioned by Sant Kirpal Singh to continue his work and to establish the project Kirpal Sagar. He and his wife Mrs Surinder Kaur were very close disciples of Sant Kirpal Singh. During His physical sojourn Sant Kirpal Singh had already assigned important duties to them.

Both native of Pakistan, they were shifted from there with their families during the partition and saw driving out and suffering of the people at a young age. Settled then in India, Dr Harbhajan Singh met Sant Kirpal Singh after long years of search, and was committed to work for him from the very beginning.

At that time Dr Harbhajan Singh practised as a doctor in Nag Kalan near Amritsar, where he lived with his family.  For a long time he had his praxis in his house, until Sant Kirpal Singh laid the foundation stone for his hospital nearby.

People from about forty villages of the surrounding area got help in both places, and it was but natural for the "God's Doctor", as Sant Kirpal Singh lovably would call him,  to give free treatment to the needy. This hospital, meanwhile enlarged, still exists today.

High responsibility requires maximum commitment. While working as a medical doctor, giving lectures, and devoting time to people, Dr Harbhajan Singh also wrote books and guided the edition of a biography on Sant Kirpal Singh. Above all, he dedicated his time to establishing Kirpal Sagar, which was under construction since 1982.

In 1976 Dr Harbhajan Singh came to Europe together with his wife to convey the instructions of Sant Kirpal Singh for the future work. In talks and open lectures he explained the teaching and competency of Sant Kirpal Singh with the basic thoughts on the unity of man.

Soon people congregated who were committed to stand up for this ideal and align their life to it. With the help of volunteers, the Project Kirpal Sagar in India developed nearly at the same time as a Centre in Austria - the headquarters of the West today. In this way the movement Unity of Man started to spread on an international level.

The Project was brought up with little means and hard work during the years, when the Punjab was shaken by terrorism. Dr Harbhajan Singh was travelling on the rugged Indian roads in the scorching heat of the sun to organise the needed materials from distant places, since many companies had left this then troubled area.

In 1995 he had advanced the work so much so that the main facilities of Kirpal Sagar were ready by end of summer, just before he left his body on 25 September 1995. He had often said: "Kirpal Sagar is my heart", and had dedicated his whole life for it.

This also applied to his wife, Biji Surinder Kaur, who had worked side by side with him with full commitment and who, after him, led the project and turned it into a blooming garden. Her life was devoted to serving others, her practical example was guidance and encouragement at the same time.

On 19th March, 2016, she put the further outer work into thousands of hands, as once Sant Kirpal Singh had expressed many years before.

We are all one, it is true,
but we have not yet become one.
When will that be?
When we will see Him in all
and all in Him.
Sant Kirpal Singh