Agricultural farm

Around Kirpal Sagar, wheat, rice, potatoes and vegetables, legumes and sugar cane in addition to oil-producing plants, such as yellow mustard, are cultivated on approx. 85 hectares of land.  A large part of the harvest is produced for consumption at Kirpal Sagar itself, and is processed in the common kitchen and the school canteen. Three times a day, several hundred people – children at the academy, employees and guests – are provided with a warm meal. On the occasion of religious festivals and celebrations, several thousand guests sometimes receive meals from the common kitchen. The rest of the harvest is sold at the market and to intermediaries for hotels and restaurants.

The seeds needed for future cultivation are propagated from the plants grown in Kirpal Sagar’s own agricultural farm, and some comes from the harvest of a nearby nursery. In this way costs can be saved and Kirpal Sagar becomes less dependent on buying external seeds.

Organic farming