Anniversary of Dr. Harbhajan Singh 2022

On the evening of 12/9/22, the celebration of Dr Harbhajan Singh‘s 90th birthday began with the singing of shabads. Thereafter, various speakers honoured him and his lifework.

On Saturday, 12/10/22 from 10 a.m. onwards, the assembly hall gradually filled up while shabads were sung. Then the speeches on spiritual topics and memories of Bhaji (Dr. Harbhajan Singh) followed, which were simultaneously translated into English for the Europeans.

Two representatives of the Brahmkumari community took part in the celebrations, the elder of whom had met Bhaji personally in 1994. She spoke about positive thinking and action, her companion about the respect we should have for each other and for God.

The other speeches centered on Bhaji’s personality and how he regarded everyone as his brothers and sisters and respected everyone. For example, he met presidents and other high-ranking public figures during a UN Human Rights Conference in Vienna in 1993, inviting them to Kirpal Sagar for the Unity of Man Conference in 1994. Whether he was talking to them or to ordinary people, he had an inimitable way of reaching the heart of everyone he met.

Moreover he had the courage to put the word of his Master Sant Kirpal Singh into practice and build Kirpal Sagar with all its facilities.

The speeches lasted until about 2.30 p.m., followed by dinner for all participants, most of whom then left. The evening ended with more speeches, framed by beautiful, moving shabads.

With pictures of the festively lit Kirpal Sagar in December, we wish you a happy and peaceful New Year 2023!