Conference February 2019

Conference on the 125th birthday of Sant Kirpal Singh,
February 1st to 7th, 2019

On the occasion of 125th anniversary of Sant Kirpal Singh, several days of celebrations took place from the third February, 2019 in Kirpal Sagar. Those in need received check-ups and medicines as part of a Free Medical Camp. The hospital’s medical team offered operations on discount rates.

In addition to the recitation of Holy Scriptures, the conference programme included speeches on the theme of “The Unity of Man,” as well as musical contributions.

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Sunday, 03-02-2019 Farm 10 a.m.: Beginning of the recitation of the Holy Scripture of the Sikhs
Hospital 11 a.m.: Opening of the Medical Camp, free medical check-ups for the needy
Monday, 04-02-2019 KS Academy 11 a.m.: Educational Conclave
Tuesday, 05-02-2019 Farm 10 a.m.: Ceremonial conclusion of the recitation
KS Academy 07 p.m.: Cultural programme „Light and Sound“: The history of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji
Wednesday, 06-02-2019 Assembly Hall 04 a.m.: Tour through Kirpal Sagar, and singing performances (Shabads) afterwards
Assembly Hall 10 a.m.: Conference on Unity of Man
Assembly Hall 06 p.m.: Spiritual lectures