Cultural programmes in Kirpal Sagar

Kirpal Sagar contributes to intercultural understanding by taking elements from different Indian traditions. The Kirpal Sagar Academy and the Teachers’ Training College regularly organize celebrations with Sikh, Hindu, Muslim and Christian students working together to run the programme. For example, Bhangra dance performances take place at Vaisakhi, the spring festival in mid-April, which is mainly celebrated by the Sikhs. With the Hindus, Krishna’s birthday is celebrated in August and during the Dussehra festival in October, Rama’s victory over the demon Ravana (symbolizing the victory of the good qualities of man over the evil) is commemorated. In December, the students and residents of Kirpal Sagar celebrate Christmas together in the Bible Corner in the Sarovar.

Every year in March, a competition is held on the occasion of the “Day of the Daughters of Punjab“, in which girls and young women can show their talents and can win various prizes.

In addition, professional theatre and music groups, whose performances provide an access to spiritual themes in their own way, are invited to lectures and conferences. These range from songs of the Sikh tradition (Shabads) and the Muslim Sufi movement (Quwalis) to the traditional Hindu theatre.