Diwali – the festival of lights

Diwali is celebrated in India by many religions everywhere as a joyous festival full of confidence, with a sea of lights and fireworks. It has many aspects, but above all it signifies the victory of light over darkness, the victory of good over evil. Just as the outside is celebrated with light and sound, the way inside is also connected with light and sound.

In a short speech on Diwali, Dr. Harbhajan Singh said:

All Masters say with one opinion: When you go within, the way back to God is light and sound. Light gives us the way and sound pulls us back to where it emanates from. It takes us at the threshold of our Father, from where it resounds and comes back to our fore-head.
What should be our festival in this body? – That we have to go back home. And this is the purpose of human life that everyone has to solve this mystery and go back.

Listen to the full speech here: