Festivities on Dr. Harbhajan Singh’s birthday 2019

This December 6th – 10th, Dr. Harbhajan Singh’s birthday was celebrated with a colourful programme at Kirpal Sagar. Part of it included a three-day volleyball tournament which has become a tradition in recognition of the importance he held for students and their sporting activities.

16 teams participated in this year’s event representing sports schools and universities from the Punjab, the state of Haryana, Delhi and Dehra Dun.

This, the 24th tournament, was opened in song from the youngest members of the Academy, while a yoga group demonstrated various exercises from their training program. The Academy team played assertively against the professional teams.


The December 8th final faced off Lovely Professional University with the Punjab based University Patiala. After a lively match, and a Taekwon Do demonstration at half time, the latter team claimed its prize for winning during the prize giving ceremony.

Kirpal Sagar Academy received a “Sustainable School” certificate in recognition of actions taken in environmental protection, green technologies, organic farming etc.


December 9th, Unity of Man was blessed with the marriages of four couples from needy families. Each in turn walked around the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh Scripture, four times as part of the ceremonies. These were followed by plenty of food, handing over the trousseau and being waved off to the tune from a brass band.

That evening began with a lecture programme which included the participation of various Swamis (Hindu monks) who honour Dr. Harbhajan Singh annually. He’d always made them welcome saying that Kirpal Sagar was also their home and they could come there any time. During the course of the evening disciples and interested people from the different centres reverently listened to the Shabads (Hymns) and speeches.

December 10th was the highlight. The assembly hall packed to capacity which included speakers such as Desraj Kumar and Karamjit Singh, the chairman of Unity of Man India as well as Swami Sarupanandji and Swami Nirmal Aarti Devaji accompanied by a choir. The speakers, singers, musicians and participants showed their respect and love for Dr. Harbhajan Singh on this celebration of his birth. The evening ended with a film of Kirpal Sagar’s early days.

Meanwhile, in the late afternoon, in the field behind the guest house, lemon trees bearing fruit were planted. Many of them had been grown in the nursery.