Kirpal Sagar in spring

In mid-January, fires shine out in the darkness across the Punjab marking the beginning of Spring and the end of the Winter cold. They are all part of Lohri, the name given to celebration reminiscent of a harvest festival, and later, in Spring, the Basant Panchami event is celebrated by kite flying, both of which were actively taken part in by folks at Kirpal Sagar.

Celebration of Sant Kirpal Singh’s birthday, Jan 3rd to 6th, 2020

This is the highlight of the year at Kirpal Sagar with visitors from all over the world taking part.
The project started on the farm so it seemed appropriate that celebrations should start there, too. From a simple room preserved in remembrance of Sant Kirpal Singh, words from the Guru Granth Sahib were read for three consecutive days.

Free Medical Camp

The ceremonial participants then opened the Medical camp in which over 400 people received treatment including 21 surgical procedures. As always, patients are treated free of charge or pay according to their means. A device for evaluating blood tests has recently been installed.

Main programme

On February 5th an evening programme of spiritual lectures and songs was attended by many participants.
The early morning light and special atmosphere was filled by the reading of saintly poems and a chorus of spiritual songs sang by the audience reminiscent of Sant Kirpal Singh’s time.

3000 visitors attended the conference program and listened to talks given by three Hindu Swamis, a Muslim delegate, the chairmen of Unity of Man Germany and Austria, and Karamjit Singh, the chairman of Unity of Man India. Translations were provided via headphones for those that needed them.

Afterwards, practical aids for people with walking disabilities, sewing machines and blankets were distributed.
In one of his birthday messages (1963), Sant Kirpal Singh wrote to his disciples:

Let your meditations flower into action and service. I wish you to ‘simplify’, ‘simplify’, ‘simplify’. To be simple in all aspects of life is to accept life. Try to help all others with a spirit of self denial. Your self will expand to cover all humanity and other creation. Such an enterprise will lead your soul on to God.