Organic farming

On November 16th, 2006, organic farming and a modernised dairy industry were started. S. Jagmohan Singh Kang, then Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Dairy Development, ceremoniously opened the agricultural facilities.

Some of the fields have been farmed organically since then, and a certification procedure for organic farming has been initiated. Other areas and crops are gradually being converted to organic farming.

Biogas use

A biogas plant is connected to the stables, which is operated with the manure of the cows and buffalos.

Today, the plant supplies raw biogas to the communal kitchen and the school kitchen, where it is used directly for cooking. So we could considerably reduce the use of expensive propane gas in bottles and of wood, which has to be cut and chopped with great efforts and also produces harmful smoke during combustion.

Land service

We are constantly working to improve soil fertility and plant health in order to improve crop quality and increase yields. This must be done by appropriate means and procedures that are locally available and practicable. Kirpal Sagar always feels a responsibility to develop good and sustainable solutions from which the local farmers can benefit.

In November 2017, the first “agricultural seminar” took place in Kirpal Sagar with talks on organic farming and an exhibition. All speakers stressed the need to protect the soil, reduce chemical fertilizers and pesticides and respect and use nature’s cycles.

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