Common kitchen and administration

The common kitchen (Langar) daily provides vegetarian food for the workers and volunteers. At certain celebrations (Bhandaras) there are sometimes thousands of people who take part in the meals. Through the farm, the project is self-sufficient as far as basic food is concerned.

The two-storied Langar building houses various offices, a telephone exchange and a small print shop. A large part of the first floor serves as living space. Directly next to the Langar building is a large guest house for Indian visitors.

Guest house

During the preparation for the World Conference in 1994, a guest house was built according to western standards. It offers visitors from all over the world a pleasant stay in Kirpal Sagar.

Sixteen rooms, each of them equipped with two to three beds and a private bathroom, are available. The kitchen in the guesthouse provides vegetarian food for everyone. Surrounded by green parks, the guest house is located in a low traffic area, close to the Sarovar and the library.

Mainly for special celebrations, groups from abroad travel to Kirpal Sagar in order to participate in these events or to help with renovations and further development of the project. If you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact us and we will help you organize your trip.