About Kirpal Sagar

Kirpal Sagar has been built since 1982 by Unity of Man under the direction of Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Surinder Kaur in Punjab/North India. Its conception can be summarised by man-making, man service and land service, as Sant Kirpal Singh termed it.

Kirpal Sagar is a project in which the integral development of the human being is promoted. It is exceptional in its way: even with all its social facilities and charitable activities, it is still not a purely social project. Its basis is of a spiritual nature.

In Kirpal Sagar a spirited inter-faith dialogue among the religions takes place, yet no particular religion is taught here, but reference is made to the essence of religion, the spiritual core that is common to all religions. This common essence is represented by the symbols of unity, which can be seen from everywhere.

Without forming a separate community, about 800 people live here permanently, many with families – volunteers who have been involved in the construction since the beginning, teachers, students, workers, doctors, employees, etc. Helpers from the West are also regularly on site.
Thus one experiences a lively co-existence of different cultures, religions and mentalities.

You can see people following their daily routines, and you can partake in sports and school events. Guests are also welcome at traditional rituals and festivals, which can be practiced by everyone according to their creed. Depending on the location in the area of Punjab, one meets mainly Hindus and Sikhs. During larger meetings, representatives of other religions are also present. Years of cooperation have revealed practically that the ideal “one world – one humanity” is not just an imaginary utopia, but a real ideal.

This was made possible by the unconditional commitment of Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur, who simply exemplified “serving others before one’s own self” and always maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. Through their charismatic personalities, they inspired many to realize Sant Kirpal Singh‘s vision of a Manav Kendra – a centre for human beings.

Man, the homo sapiens, is the nucleus of mankind. He has in him potential energy to transform himself and then to transform others not by precept alone, but by his own example.

Sant Kirpal Singh