Kirpal Sagar

Ocean of Grace

The Kirpal Sagar project is located in the north of India, in a rural area of Punjab, far away from the noise and bustle of the cities. Its various facilities such as hospital, schools, retirement home, a library, and the Sarovar, are designed to support people in all aspects: physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Everyone is welcome here. It doesn’t matter what country you come from, what skin color you have and whether or not you belong to a particular religion. It is a centre for man, according to its founder, Sant Kirpal Singh, and follows his guiding principle:

Be Good – Do Good – Be One

The focus is on the idea of unity, which is expressed by the symbols on the rooftop of the central building. At the same time, they are also symbols for the human being, and remind us that we – as human beings – are one, despite all external differences.

Kirpal Sagar – a project for the world

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Serving people

Man service

Those who urgently need help in the surroundings of Kirpal Sagar receive it free of charge. There is a charitable hospital, an old people’s home and many activities helping people to help themselves. Various educational facilities improve the training possibilities of the youth. Visitors receive free vegetarian food from Kirpal Sagar’s own production.
Two guesthouses and a library dealing with spiritual topics are available to all those who want to find peace of mind there.



Behind the outer, perishable world, there is a reality – to experience it in oneself is called spirituality. This is what the symbols in the Sarovar refer to. When a person turns inwardly, he can recognize who he is, and that a higher power sustains him.

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Spiritual lectures and ongoing conferences on the subject of unity take place in Kirpal Sagar, where representatives of different religions and faiths take part. It is about the return to the ethical, moral and spiritual foundations beyond rites and dogmas of all religions.

In order to promote a sense of community, different cultural as well as school programs show the diversity of the traditions of India.