Kirpal Sagar Charitable Hospital

In 1983, the hospital became the first institution within the Kirpal Sagar project to start its work. Here, allopathic medicine and therapies are complemented by homeopathy, natural healing, Ayurveda and physiotherapy. The hospital is a charitable, non-profit organization whose main focus is the treatment of patients in need. These patients receive free medical treatment and medicines, while prosperous patients pay for treatment, or contribute to the costs according to their possibilities.

Approximately twenty-thousand patients are provided with care each year, the majority of whom are treated on an outpatient basis. In order to be able to use the existing resources as efficiently as possible, the hospital has its own dedicated staff, which, when needed, is augmented by honorary doctors and assistant personnel. This concept was introduced a long time ago and has been proven successful in smaller institutions in India. Although the Kirpal Sagar Hospital focuses on outpatient treatment, it is also open for emergencies seven days a week, general surgical operations (e.g. the operation of inguinal hernias and gallstones) and dialysis treatments as well. Free cataract surgery has long been part of the programme. Since spring 2019, dental treatment is also available.

Emergency: 01823 - 240223

Ambulance: 01823 - 240064

Mobile: 98151-98222


The primary care of emergency patients takes place in the emergency room on the ground floor. There is an ECG machine, a laboratory, an ultrasound unit and a modern X-ray machine available. On the first floor, there is an operating room with a recovery unit and an area for instrument preparation.

Since 2013, patients with renal failure have been treated with dialysis machines. The hospital pharmacy also offers medicines for outpatients. It is planned that the hospital will later be integrated with the practical training departments of a Medical College (training of medical doctors) as well as a College of Nursing Science.

The hospital not only offers medical care for people from the surrounding area, but also for the needy from more distant areas through free so-called Medical Camps. These camps provide free examinations, treatments and medicines and are conducted partly in available public rooms, partly in tents.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh himself was known as “doctor for the needy”, and he organized the first camps in the early 1980s. Hundreds of needy people could be examined free of charge in a tent with a table and some chairs. It was amazing how he integrated traditional, naturopathic and homeopathic methods and medicines. He always had an open mind for his patients’ needs and helped them not only medically, but also practically without bureaucracy in many other fields.

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