The Library

The library offers Holy Scriptures of different religions, biographies of great personalities, philosophical texts, as well as the complete works of Sant Kirpal Singh.

Nowadays, we find ourselves confronted with a multitude of Holy Scriptures, some of which have their origins very far back in the past. They are written in the language of their time, which may often be very difficult for us to understand now. In his books, Sant Kirpal Singh made these teachings and messages more easily accessible and easily understandable while exposing the fundamental core of the teachings.

Already in the Upanishads it is said that there is only one truth, although it is described in different ways by the saints and sages. To realize it, is ultimately a matter of inner experience, and not a matter of understanding on a purely intellectual level. The scriptures make valuable references to the original, internal core that is common for all religions. There are also many similarities in the ethical guidelines as well.

The outer aspect of religion includes the beliefs and the outer forms of worship, which may differ a lot. If the inner core is forgotten, these outer aspects receive too much importance. Therein lies the danger; through narrow-mindedness and dogmatism, religion turns into shackles for man, and may even become the cause of war and conflict. The aim of the library is to encourage a comparative study of religions in order to provide an unbiased perspective.

The library also houses a museum on the history of Kirpal Sagar, as well as various exhibitions and the memorabilia of those great personalities whose work we owe the existence of Kirpal Sagar to.

Interactive glimpse into the library

Opening of the museum inside the library 2017