The Kirpal Sagar Academy

The Kirpal Sagar Academy was opened in April 1988. The school began with some primary school classes and 117 children, and it was gradually expanded bit by bit. Currently there are about 500 students aged between five and eighteen.

The Kirpal Sagar Academy is a state-recognized private school with an affiliated boarding school. The syllabus follows an international curriculum (CBSE standard). After kindergarten it leads via twelve grades to a high school graduation degree. Students from needy families receive a scholarship from the institution.

In addition, the school is authorized to carry out final examinations for external students after 10th and 12th grades. These students are not able to attend school regularly, yet work on the subjects independently at home. Then they appear for the examinations in Kirpal Sagar. They receive a state-approved certificate and thus are able to do further training. There are approximately 200 students in this category.

The education is based on the higher values of life and the children are taught humanity above outer labels, caste, skin colour and creed. The children maintain their own religion, but they learn to rise above its limitations.

In addition to the main building, which houses the school classes, a computer block and the school library, there are several boarding school buildings, as well as the school canteen and the dining hall.

Students have the possibility to learn several different sports, such as basketball, karate etc. For this purpose, the “Kirpal Harbhajan Sports Stadium” was set up near the main entrance. Various national volleyball competitions also take place there from time to time.

With a manifold cultural programme, the Academy contributes to many festivities. The children are encouraged to become more self-confident and independent in their way of thinking through presentations and competitions.

In addition, a remote teaching system was started, which makes it possible for teachers and specialists from all over the world to be connected digitally and simultaneously to the lessons.

In 2018, the school was awarded twice, first in February 2018 with the Brainfeed Award in the category of Top 500 boarding schools and day schools/innovative teaching methods, and again in August with the National School Award as the best boarding school of the year 2018.

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