Helping the needy

The large size and scale of the existing facilities allow for a flexible response to emergency situations. For example, orphaned children were accommodated in the old people’s home together with their grandfathers. When a farm worker became blind due to an accident, he and his family were able to find a place in Kirpal Sagar.

As Kirpal Sagar has its own water supply, large water tanks were installed in the neighbouring towns during a major drought to supply people with drinking water.

Tricycles for physically disabled persons

In Kirpal Sagar, special tricycles are regularly distributed to people with walking disabilities. These are operated with a hand crank and enable the handicapped to live a much more independent life.

Sewing machines for widows

Women and widows in need also receive sewing machines to ensure their livelihoods. In India, it is still very common to have one’s clothes custom-made. As a result of this practice, women in the village can earn some extra money by doing contract sewing work in their homes.

Wedding support

In Indian culture, the wedding is very important, but the wedding ceremony is also very expensive. Unity of Man helps needy families by arranging the wedding and finances the dowry to give the couple a good start in their family life. The wedding ceremony is held according to the faith of the couple. Each newly-married couple receives basic equipment that is required for starting a new household: a complete bedroom, furniture for a living room, kitchen utensils, as well as clothes and a clock for each spouse.