Love knows no burden – love knows service and sacrifice

Humanity means not only caring for oneself and one’s own family, but also sharing with others. When persons stand up for others, they transcend their own limitations and in this way feel joy themselves. “A hungry man is an angry man and to talk of God to him is a mockery”, Sant Kirpal Singh used to say, and so in Kirpal Sagar all basic needs are taken care of: free food has been prepared in the Langar, the common kitchen, since the beginning of the project. Fresh food is supplied by Kirpal Sagar’s own farm. To help those in need, the hospital was the first institution that was set up in 1983.

The old people’s home, inaugurated in 1994, provides a home for old people who would otherwise be on their own. Since the beginning of the project, needy people from the surrounding area have been given support time and again in case of emergencies. Great care is taken to ensure that the help given ultimately results in self sufficiency.

Love God, He lives in every heart
(Sant Kirpal Singh, lecture in Fairfax, USA, 25.9.1972)