Old people’s home

India is undergoing a change – even as far as family structures are concerned. Due to poverty, many old people have already lived in difficult circumstances. Their families often were unable to care for both their children and older family members at the same time.

Sant Kirpal Singh wanted to provide support for elders with the facility of an old people’s home. There, they can find a new home in the evening of their lives.

For most of the older people, a special concern is to maintain their independence. Still, to be needed and to find meaningful activities is very important to them. This is why the residents of the old people’s home are helped – as far as possible – to be able to lead an independent life. Assistance in the household, care for their health and general care are provided as required.

Those who would like to share their life experiences, to bring in knowledge such as languages or technical instruction, or to guide others, have the opportunity to do so. Within the individual areas of this project, there are always opportunities to help.

The younger generation is housed in the girls’ boarding school near the old people’s home. Families with children also live close by, so that old and young people can meet daily. In this way, in the eve of lives, the elderly may live in a fulfilling atmosphere that is oriented towards their physical and mental well-being.

Helping the needy