B.Ed. College

The Kirpal Sagar College of Education, like the Academy, is committed to high human ideals. Since 2007, teachers have been trained at the College to teach grades 6 to 10.

Connected to the Academy, up to 100 students are given the necessary skills for their later occupations. A wide range of close contacts are of benefit to both the College and the Academy. The student residence accommodates 40 students. In addition to the lecture-hall, several seminar rooms are also available.

The two-year course of study ends with the examination for the Bachelor of Education.

The College is part of a network of the University of Amritsar, which selects and tests the students. Most of the students come from the region; thus later strengthening the surrounding schools.

In addition, Kirpal Sagar offers a so-called teacher training (TT)-education. This one-year course can be attended after the Bachelor of Arts and qualifies for teaching in kindergarten, primary school and lower school.

Teachers should train students in the spirit of sympathy and love, blending informa­tion with inspiration and knowledge with love.

Sant Kirpal Singh

Vocational training