Unity of Man Celebrates 50 Years

A recap of the anniversary events

From 3 to 6 February 2024, Unity of Man commemorated its 50th anniversary on the occasion of founder Sant Kirpal Singh’s birthday at Kirpal Sagar.

For months, preparations had been done to accommodate up to 1.900 over-night visitors from different parts of India and abroad. More than 80 international guests from about 11 countries stayed in the guesthouse and other rooms all over Kirpal Sagar. The whole project was beautifully decorated with flowers and festively illuminated by night.

The festivities began on Saturday, February 3rd, with the ceremonial opening of the Guru Granth Sahib recitation at the farm, from where the Kirpal Sagar project had started. The Holy book revered by the Sikhs as their Holy Scripture is a collection of the writings of many different Indian Saints and is traditionally read in full on important occasions. Those words transmitted aloud always create a solemn atmosphere and provide a spiritual setting, in addition to the lectures of Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr. Harbajan Singh that are played in the Sarovar every evening.

The launch of a free medical camp followed at the hospital. Many needy patients from the surrounding villages had already gathered for free treatment in different medical fields and were thankful to receive help on this occasion and also later, e.g. if a surgery was necessary. Hospital manager Mr. Aggarwal gave a tour through the departments of the hospital and afterwards, the team received the foreign guests with snacks and tea.

In the afternoon, the Kirpal Sagar Academy surprised with a colourful programme illustrating the message of Unity of Man: Despite differences in culture and apparel, at heart, all are one. The students performed Sikh Shabads as well as Sufi Qwalis and gracefully displayed regional dances and costumes. In a pantomime, a group of elder students appealed to pray to one common God independent of the different religious rituals.

Principal Mr. Gurjeet Singh congratulated Unity of Man on its Golden Jubilee and expressed his commitment to the ideals of Dr. Harbhajan Singh, founder chairman of Unity of Man. Students of all classes had very successfully participated in an India-wide English competition and received their rewards, honouring the school’s international orientation.

On Monday, February 5th, the Guru Granth Sahib recitation concluded at the farm, with music teacher Akshey Kumar performing beautiful hymns (Shabads) by Guru Arjan and others. In the afternoon, before the main programme, busses and cars arrived from all directions and Kirpal Sagar filled with large crowds of people who were happy to meet each other.

In the evening, the assembly hall hosted Spiritual lectures (Satsangs) alternating with traditional hymns (Shabads) and songs.

The following day, Tuesday, February 6th, began with a pre-dawn round walk that marked the beginning of this special day, the birth anniversary of Sant Kirpal Singh. In the end, all gathered in the new dining hall, and after some short addresses and Shabads, they were served breakfast and tea sitting in long lines as it has been a tradition in Punjab for centuries, underlining that all are equal, despite their social standing.

Apart from the many volunteers of Unity of Man, also students of Kirpal Sagar Academy untiringly helped to serve the thousands of attendants by showing them the way to their rooms, heating water and distributing food. The quantity of alone 500 kg of dried lentils cooked show the mass of free food that was served to the approximately 3,000 visitors on 6 February.

After some hours break, the Conference on Unity of Man started in the assembly hall, where the invited speakers from different religious communities, chief guest Prof. Dr. Schmuck from Germany and Indian representatives of Unity of Man expressed their ideas about unity, ethical values and social commitment on a spiritual basis. Spiritual songs from East and West provided the musical framework.

Speakers in the pictures: Ashok Mand Ji, Hindu representative; Hindu Swami Nirmal Aarti Devaji and accompanying musicians; Prof. Dr. Peter Schmuck, Germany, sustainability psychologist; Raj Brahma Kumari; Pastor Anwar Khan, Shalom Friendship Church, Ludhiana; Brahma Kumari Manjit Kaur, Nawanshahr; Sardar Gurvinder Singh Ji, Bhai Kanaiya Manav Seva Trust; Muhammad Hameed Kausar of the Muslim Ahmadiyya movement; Karamjit Singh, Chairman Unity of Man India

After the extensive stage programme, sewing machines, hand-driven tricyles and blankets were distributed to people in need and put the appeals of the morning into practice.

The anniversary celebrations concluded on Tuesday evening with another session of spiritual lectures, reaffirming Unity of Man’s commitment to promoting unity, compassion, and service to humanity.

Overall, the 50th anniversary of Unity of Man was a time of selfless service, reflection and celebration of Sant Kirpal Singh’s enduring mission. Unity of Man demonstrated its continued dedication to fostering unity and serving humanity for the next 50 years and beyond.

An anniversary publication is available for free download here: