In Remembrance of Dr. Harbhajan Singh

It has been twenty-five years that we took leave of Dr. Harbhajan Singh, but still he is very close. His picture is reflected in Kirpal Sagar, which he built together with his wife Biji Surinder Kaur in the name of Sant Kirpal Singh. He himself used to say: “Kirpal Sagar is my heart. Who knows Kirpal Sagar, knows my heart.”

It was his life task, which he fulfilled until the last moment. In September 1995, after years of dedicated work, the project was completed in its basic outlines, and on this strong foundation it continues to grow and is open to all with its many facilities.

When Dr. Harbhajan Singh describes here some of the ideals that characterise a reformer, it is not just theory, he embodied them, and that made him so attractive to all who wanted to live their lives according to higher values:

Reformers were never reformers before they started the work. They had good wishes, good feelings for others and they started this work. What happened? Good feelings, good wishes for all others made their heart soft. The result was that they became reformers.


Everyone’s purpose is one and the same, to develop our selves and to develop others. To help our selves and to help others. Whatever we want for ourselves, we must supply the same thing to all, everywhere. We want respect – we should respect all people in the world. We will get back what? Respect. If we want love, we should create love, everywhere. So love will come back. If we want to be always holy, we should not create ill feelings. We should give food to everybody.

Harbhajan Singh

We cannot describe how beautiful Bhaji’s personality was. Whatever we say about him is not enough. I have always seen him in very good mood, laughing and never in despair. He always used to say, “whenever we are in difficulties, God will certainly help us.”

Biji Surinder Kaur