Change starts from people’s hearts

Lecture by Dr. Harbhajan Singh, Jan. 2nd,1993

Dear brothers and sisters,

[…]  How does unity arise? Two things are of great importance: one is love, and the second is non-violence. These two are the two most important pages in the holy book of our life. Love and non-violence is one and the same. One who is non-violent will not criticise anybody, he has no fear, and he is very broad-hearted. One who bears this love will also be non-violent. In fact, these two qualities are the same, we cannot differentiate them. They are the main force in the world. If these two qualities are put together in the world, then unity is there. This unity exists already, but due to (losing) these two qualities, we have forgotten it.

The problems of the world are not of political but spiritual nature. If our political and religious personalities know, then all problems can be removed because no problem is in itself of political nature.

Some people who were affected with great miseries realised that the spiritual contact is the only possibility to create unity of man to man and nation to nation.[…]

Everything appears, disappears, or reappears with the change of our heart. This is rather a law in the creation, in the universe. You can see this even with animals. Just a little example: a cat carrying its kittens from one place to another with the help of its teeth does not harm or injure them. But when it catches a mouse, it crushes it with the very same teeth. You may say, it depends on the state of mind, on the change of the heart.

So Unity of Man means we have to bring about a change in people’s heart. This is the only way to create unity in the world. Everything is there in man, all possibilities are there in him. He has feelings and emotions, he has heart and head (intellect).

When China attacked India, Pundit Nehru was Prime Minister of India. He was a very lovable Prime Minister. He believed in non-violence. Once he even intended to discard the army and use it for other purposes, in order to develop the nation. What did he declare later on after the attack? He said, “There is no other way out than the spiritual contact. With the spiritual link we can have this inner connection and by this we can bring this unity into the world.”

Regardless of what had happened to India, how great India’s loss had been and how many people had died, he thought in the very right direction. He said, “Yes, this tyranny and murder is there, but in spite of that there is only one hope: that there should be a spiritual link from man to man, from nation to nation.”

But who will do that? Without a spiritual person, without the help of God this is impossible. When we are able to bring this idea of spiritual unity into the heart of many people, there will be a wide-spread change in the heart of the people.

What are the main hindrances? There is fear, and due to fear some people create problems. They think by themselves, “I must be conscious.” They are afraid and they are conscious of this fear. Only the right way of life, the spiritual aspect of life can help us on, this is the truth. All other ways and means are false. Truth knows no fear, it is devoid of all fear, whereas falsehood is full of all kinds of fear, doubt, and criticism. The same (phenomenon) you can also see in the entire creation.

Once Master said, “People are afraid of the lion. But if you very lovably look into his eyes, he will not kill you. We get killed because we are afraid.” This is the only reason. Another simple example: If you give bread to the dog, who is very faithful, you give it with love. So he is wagging with the tail and is very happy because you have given him this bread out of love. But if he steals the bread from the kitchen, he will not wag (with) his tail. He will have fear in his mind, in his heart, he will conceal the bread and run away. So there is a “bread of love”, which we get as a gift, and there is a “stolen bread”. There is a great difference between the two.

So when we are able to bring about this change in the world through potent thoughts, we strengthen the hand of the positive power and there will be no bad effects (like wars) in the world. Hatred, ill will and all bad wishes like that arise out of the negative facts of our life, and thus we are directly supported by the negative power. If we have been helped by the negative power, we definitely have to work under its commandment. So there is the army of God, and there is the army of the negative power, the army of Kal. Two armies are there, but the army of God is always strong because in the army of the negative power there rules order, and in the army of God love reigns.

Master changes the heart, and the negative power changes the head. This is a big difference. This is the reality. All that happens in the world is man-made. These are the problems which arise from the head, not from the heart.

Master said, “The foundation of Unity of Man (the message of unity) will have a very strong structure in itself. It will spread like a wildfire and nobody will be able to extinguish it. It will burn all ill will, hatred, all irrelevant things, separation, otherness, duality, and ego.” What will remain? Only love and oneness.

What remains when everything is burned? Only dust and ashes. Then we see that our wishes are not more than dust. One who overcomes his own wishes and then fulfils the need of others, is a human being, a real man. The Masters live like that. They lived hundred percent for others. So we can take an example for our own family. If the husband overcomes his wishes and fulfils the needs of his wife and children, they will love him from heart. I tell you, this is the real way of life. And if the wife does the same, the husband will love his wife from heart. Separation, hatred, and ill will are only due to our attachments. Love, however, always means to give, give and give, and not to take. Give your good thoughts to others. Sacrifice each and everything!

In Delhi, behind Sant Kirpal Singh’s Ashram, there is an area on which houses were being built at the same time when the Ashram was erected. They had built their houses so close to each other that there was no space left for a drain to be built for the rainwater to flow away. So the water went into every house and into all the rooms. The people did not know what to do. They went everywhere and requested help from other people. But they said, “No, we cannot help you either, it is your problem. Apply to the government!” But what effect would this have had? The government would have given some order, maybe after many months. When they found no way out, they ultimately came to Sant Kirpal Singh and said, “Master, we have one request. We cannot force You, because You are not obliged by law to fulfil our request. The water should not be discharged on this side, but as nobody has accepted our plea, we have come to make an appeal to You. Would You give us some land to build a canal so that the water might pass through? There is no other place.” Master replied, “Yes, you can make a drain within the Ashram.” So they dug out a canal for the dirty water, and the building was erected over it. Master said, “Only this much you want? I am ready to give each drop of my blood, as my purpose in the world is only to serve you. I have not come for myself. I am not attached to these things, it is all for you. Please, tell me, if I can be of any further use to you!”

So these people remember the Master and say, “He was such a great Master, such a high spiritual personality.” They all love Him from the heart.
So you see that we can learn many valuable examples from Master’s life. And all those examples should merge in us so that we should give a radiating example. We should start to do the same work as our Master did, as Christ did, and as all other Masters did. Their work is one and the same – to live for humanity, to serve mankind.

This excels even meditation. Because two things are very important in the world – Karma and Dharma. Karma means our own work. Either to do something for ourselves or our family, our relatives or for people we have relations to – that is Karma. That is due to the reactions of the past. And what is Dharma? When many people get together and act jointly. But Masters tell us, this is also not free from reactions, because it is done on the level of the mind. Only by serving the competent Master, by serving God, the gift of life is therein. For example: We work and stand up for a religion. Dharma means to do something for a special purpose, not for the universal purpose, but for a special purpose that is linked with some “ism” or sect. Nowadays the money (which has been given by people) is often misused and this is a big disadvantage in the life of the donor. With this money even arms and dangerous explosives are bought which go from one country to another. And often religious people take part in such deals. As I have told you, the problems of the world are not political, they are spiritual. A solution is in the hand of spiritual people. These problems can only be overcome with awakening. When awakening is there, it is of great help.

When there was the “ Operation Blue Star” in India, in Punjab, (when the Golden Temple in Amritsar was fired on), people got very infuriated. I went there and met lots of persons who were very emotional. I told them, “Whatever has happened is not good, but whatever will happen (if you shoot back), that is also not good. Live up to the highest standard which Sant Kirpal Singh and all competent Masters have told us.”
A man meets the reactions of what he did in the past. If we do something wrong now, its reaction will hit us afterwards and we will have to bear it. So all difficulties which we have to face today are not sent by God but have been created by ourselves and we have to bear them. After some years those people with whom I had spoken at that time, told, “Your words saved us.” In that area lots of people were murdered. In one family, where there had been ten people, only one or two survived, all others were killed. But all those who believed the Masterpower, who believed in the teaching, were saved. Especially in that area, there are many disciples of the Masterpower, and nothing happened to anybody. It was the special grace of the Masterpower. They also met such people who without any reason killed someone. But when they had to face them, the terrorists said, “No, you are good persons, we should not kill you.” After all, God resides in every heart.

So, if you have a good feeling, a loving heart for everybody, what will happen? At once the heart of other people will also change. It goes like a wildfire. Love, non-violence, and tolerance are the most beautiful qualities in the life of man. Where they are really lived, there is unity, there is love, and there is God.