Address on the Independence Day of India

Dr. Harbhajan Singh, Aug. 15th, 1995, Kirpal Sagar Academy

All my brothers and sisters,

I convey good wishes and greetings to all of you. You know, in slavery we are dependent in our saying and doing, but in independence we are responsible in our thoughts, deeds and actions. What does independence mean? We have to justify all our contacts which we could not do so during the slavery stage. In this institution (the Kirpal Sagar Academy), which is based on humanity and humility, the very heritage of our India, we want to bring up our children in the right sense, with the higher values of life, with the very art of life, which is pregnant with meaning – not only in saying, but in doing. Living and doing with independence means something, and we should do that. For that purpose, whatever we are doing or saying – it should be in the practical form. We would like to develop each child in the right sense, because in the whole world – now I have been to the most parts of the world – I have seen that people want good things now, and they want to leave all bad things.

As you know, the European countries are all getting together, they are breaking all those barriers, and they are getting together because they are going back to humanity: the brotherhood of men in the Fatherhood of God. We are all one, we all have come from one and the same source, and we have to go back to the same source – that is our purpose of human life. But before we go (back), I told you, we have to justify all our saying and doing with high thoughts, deeds and actions. This is our heritage. What does the heritage of India tell us? It has given a way of life to all human beings in the past: that was the heritage of India. People come to India from all over the world – just for what purpose? That it is a country of giving right understanding, humanity, a way of life, higher values of life with the spiritual aspect – and what not?

So in this institution, you know, we also teach humanity here, but above all these outer rituals and rites, different dogmas, caste, colour and creed, so that our children must be of a cosmopolitan way of life. On this Independence Day I wish you the higher values of life, and further I wish you all that is good for you. Thank you.