A new year begins

With the upcoming of spring, many activities have been started in Kirpal Sagar. After sealing the roof, the classrooms of the KH Public School were renovated and painted. On the sports field of Kirpal Sagar Academy, tracks have been marked, which is rare in the area.

At the Charitable Hospital, a new eye surgery room is nearing completion and will soon be furnished with new equipment.

In organic farming, the pits of the biogas plant are currently being dug out and the content is used to produce high-quality compost. The water that runs off from it collects in channels and serves as organic liquid fertiliser. Afterwards, the biogas plant will be modernised with the help of local experts.

The Kirpal Sagar Academy keeps offering many activities to its students. Everybody fondly remembers the class trip to the mountains of Manali in autumn. The karate team participated very successfully in the North Indian Championships in November: they won 9 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze medals. A fixed and very popular part of the leisure activities are two cooking classes per week now, in which the students get to know both Indian and international cuisine. For the first time, quizzes and painting competitions were held in the local village schools. There, talented students are offered the opportunity to receive a scholarship for the Kirpal Sagar Academy.

When the last Corona wave had subsided, Kirpal Sagar was able to intensify its social activities again: in December, on the occasion of Dr. Harbhajan Singh’s birthday, a large, free medical camp was held, followed by operations for the needy at the Charitable Hospital. In addition, weddings for destitute couples were organised in a large tent and dowry sets were provided.

As Punjab suffered under a particularly cold January, blankets and warm clothes were distributed to the needy in the surrounding villages, and this time also masks were distributed. The residents of the old people’s home in Kirpal Sagar received new, warm equipment as well.

The trees in front of the Sarovar were trimmed so that they can sprout again in spring, and the parks were freshly planted. The somewhat deserted guest house is now waiting for international visitors to slowly start arriving again.