Building projects and KSA News

Already during Biji Surinder Kaur’s time an eating hall was planned for the many Indian visitors who come to Kirpal Sagar on special occasions. In the last six months, the construction work has been started. The hall is the first larger building to be constructed since then.

Because of its size (about 1000 sqm) the work has been divided into three sections. Despite great difficulties in getting the necessary building materials such as iron, sand and gravel in time, the first section of the roof concreting could be completed on 18th September 2022.

On 19th November, the second big section was tackled and again many volunteers from Kirpal Sagar and the surrounding area came to do this work by hand. They started around 11.00 a.m. and continued overnight until the early hours of the morning with only short breaks for tea and food. Flat roofs have to be concreted in one piece, otherwise the concrete panel could become permeable to water.

Everyone participated happily and it was a very special atmosphere. Many remembered the time when they could help to concrete roofs in Kirpal Sagar many years ago in the presence of Dr. Harbhajan Singh and Biji Surinder Kaur. Their presence was also felt now.

On 27th November the remaining part of the second section was completed. Again many had come to take part in this special seva (selfless service). The completion of the third section (still about 200 sqm) is planned by February 2023.

Other construction work in 2022 included waterproofing the roof of the library, setting up a new operating theatre for eye surgeries and installing new overhead wires and electricity cables, work to be continued in 2023.

Progress at Kirpal Sagar Academy

As reported earlier, a lot of renovation work has been done at the Kirpal Sagar Academy during the Corona period. Now a big step towards digital classrooms has been taken: in autumn ten smartboards were installed in the classrooms. The teachers can directly upload content from the internet, mark it with a digital pen, display presentation slides or integrate external lecturers. This brings the world into the classroom and makes it possible to present subject material in a more interesting and vivid way.

In addition, in November, a new gym was inaugurated to expand the range of sports activities. The chief guest was bodybuilder and reigning Mr Asia Yatinder Singh, a former student of Kirpal Sagar Academy. He was very moved to return to the place where he had started as a young boy more than 24 years ago.

The teaching staff with chief guest Mr. Asia Yatinder Singh

He expressed his gratitude towards Kirpal Sagar and his teachers and was impressed by the symbols of unity in the Sarovar, which was still under construction when he was a student. Like many visitors, at the sight of them he wondered why people and religions were so divided among themselves when God is one.